Peritus Private Wealth
Why The Name Peritus

When deciding upon the new name for the company, from the outset we wanted our new name to set us apart from the rest of the marketplace. We wanted a name that represented what we do and who we are. The next step was to begin researching words that had meaning and represented the type of advice we provide. Our research led us to the Legal profession where many of the words currently used are still in the language of Latin.

We wanted to find a Latin word that represented the type of advice we provide because we knew that the Latin language had stood the test of time and that Latin is the source of many words from many different languages. Latin is a common element in many different cultures and languages still today and that common element was something that attracted us.

PERITUS: [n., v. adj. pair-it-us] a latin word meaning skilled or expert

We chose the word Peritus because it represented who we are and what we do.

Now that we had a name, we needed a logo.  

Having understood that Latin was a common element in many cultures and languages we wanted the logo to represent all the different types of advice we provide. We needed something that could display or attempt to display how all the different areas of advice were actually linked together and not just stand alone. This led us to identify another universal language that plays a part in everyday life, that language is mathematics.    

We were first exposed in high school to a mathematical equation (the Fibonacci sequence) that had remarkable characteristics. This equation again appeared at university where versions of the equation were applied to charting tools to help interpret patterns in financial markets. The equation also appeared in postgraduate studies where more detailed financial analysis was undertaken and through this exposure we noted that the sequence also appeared in nature.

The Fibonacci sequence is effectively a growth pattern which is identifiable most commonly in nature by sunflowers and in stock market analysis via Fibonacci retracement patterns. We wanted to capture this growth characteristic and include it in our logo. We achieved this by creating a formula using a mathematical equation. We refined the formula to generate a graph, which effectively resulted in the current shape of the circles in our logo.

Please read further to understand more about the Fibonacci sequence and how we believe it relates to our Peritus offer.


Leonardo Fibonacci introduced the Fibonacci sequence into Western mathematics via his 1202 book, Liber Abaci. By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two as follows:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55......

Fibonacci numbers are intimately connected with the golden ratio. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one, as displayed in the equation below.

Fiboncacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio appear in many applications including computer algorithms, art, architecture, finance and also in nature in the form of sunflowers, the arrangement of leaves on a stem and the spirals of shells.

The average person is able to identify the images above because in all probability that person has seen the images before, however to the person aware of the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio, the images take on a different meaning as the images have a common pattern or solution. See the link below:

fibonacci video

Given our experience, we are able to view client scenarios, identify a common pattern or concern and provide a solution.
While problems may appear to be complex, one who is skilled in relation to those problems can provide the solution.

Peritus Private Wealth provides the union between client needs and skilled professionals to produce tailored solutions. Where (a = client needs) and (b = skilled professionals), therefore a+b = (Peritus Private Wealth) tailored solutions.