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At some point in our lives the majority of us will need to use someone else’s money to purchase or renovate a home or for investment purposes.  In many cases we go to a bank or non-bank lender, a family member, business or sophisticated investor to arrange a loan.

Whoever the source of our debt, what’s clear is that at some stage the money will need to be repaid. When borrowing money it is important to consider who owns the debt, what the interest and repayment terms are and how they can change, what’s the tax impact of the debts structuring, what happens to the debt if you die or can no longer meet the terms of repayment and what emergency plan is in place if there is an adverse change in the economy, legislation or your financial circumstance.

Our advisers have worked with many finance providers, accountants and solicitors structuring investments so that the end goal has then best chance of being achieved.

Examples of lending we have assisted clients with are:

Margin Lending

Borrowing money where the investment is used as security

Protected Equity Loans

Borrowing to invest where protection is in place to cover the original capital invested

Self Funding Instalments Warrants

A method of using equity and borrowed funds to purchase investments inside and out of superannuation

Lines of Credit

Debt secured against a property and used to invest

Limited Recourse

Loans which the lender can only claim back the asset the loan is secured against

Equity Re-Draw

Typically used for home loans where the debt is secured against your principle residence


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