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Financial Structures

Most people aren’t that familiar with the different tax structures available and why you would use one over another. In many cases people invest in their own name or in joint names with a friend or spouse and don’t tend to consider utilising a company or trust.

Over the years we have worked with clients that are:

  • Directors and Shareholders of Companies,
  • Appointers, Trustees and Beneficiaries of Trusts and/or
  • Trustees and Members of Self Managed Superannuation Funds.  

We’ve also worked with clients that have their own retail/wholesale superannuation fund and pension fund.

Individuals, companies and trusts are all different legal tax structures that bring with them asset protection and tax minimisation opportunities. Used effectively they can save you thousands of dollars both today and into the future.

At Peritus we consider the merits of using one or a combination of these structures for investment purposes or to protect an estate from unintended beneficiaries.


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