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A key component of creating wealth is investing but have you ever wondered what you should be investing in? If you are like most Australians you’d say direct property and if you were living in Western Australia as well then you’re likely to have dabbled in some speculative resource stocks. Each has their place, but do they really sum to a sound wealth creation strategy for the future?

The tough part about investing is riding the ups and downs in performance. So called investment guru’s will tell you to get out at the top of the market and return when it bottoms and can demonstrate having done that…but how many times will they get it right before their luck changes. The reality is that no one knows what investment markets will do, they can only hypothesise and make predictions. In an investment world without certainty the best we can do is develop an investment philosophy for managing money and factor risk into all investment decisions.

At Peritus we employ the tried and tested portfolio management techniques of many institutional funds managers. We know that we can’t time markets, but having said that, we understand there are strategies and techniques that will over time give your money the greatest chance of success.

We are licenced and resourced to deal in managed funds (international and domestic across sectors and regions and all the asset classes in between), ASX listed companies, exchange traded funds, self funding instalments, listed property, listed notes, debt securities, hybrids, direct property, high interest bank accounts, term deposits and many more investment types. We employ a combination of investment types taking note of investment timeframes and the purpose of the money being invested.

Our advisers have access to investment research, as well as a number of the best investment and economic minds our country has to offer. We have in place an investment committee so that before an investment decision is made we’ve had a team of people research and endorse that decision.

It is our goal to design, implement and review the investments we recommend making changes where necessary in consultation with you.


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