Peritus Private Wealth
Cash Flow Planning and Future Management

Being aware of what you need to spend each year to maintain your lifestyle and/or that of your families and knowing where the money will come from to pay for that lifestyle is imperative to achieving sound financial management.

At Peritus we work with clients to help them understand how much they need at this stage in their life journey and the likely expenses they will have in the future. Most people live to the extent of their income, some even live beyond it. It’s those who live within it that create future wealth that can used to supplement your employment income in retirement or fund the new car, holiday, pool or child’s education.

Cash flow to us is a simplified way of describing all sources of income that are used to fund your lifestyle or wealth creation. It could be your employment income, your superannuation pension, a foreign pension, rent from an investment property or maybe the regular withdrawal of income from an investment you have. Our goal is to best utilise available cash flow, minimising the tax on that money and making sure there is enough to cover your needs and wants.

Of course, we work within your means and provide an honest opinion on whether your lifestyle is sustainable or achievable.


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