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After many years of providing financial services to people from all walks of life we have come to know that whether their needs are simple or complex, a rigorous process of research and analysis results in a solution to most challenges. At Peritus we place our services into 4 areas, Bespoke Advice, Wealth Creation, Wealth Protection and Wealth Distribution.  Each can operate separately, but when working together, they’re enriched by the synergies and cross pollination of ideas, strategies and possibilities.


As the term bespoke suggests, our advice is tailored to you and the outcomes you believe are important. The role of the Peritus adviser is to clearly understand what you wish to achieve, to thoroughly diagnose your current situation and to give you the advice you need to make the right decisions about your future.

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For most people, the need to grow their wealth overtime is critically important. At some point in the future they’ll wish to transition from full time work or cease it altogether. Without a portfolio of investments that can substitute their income, the likelihood of a comfortable retirement is low.

At Peritus, we understand the importance of accumulating wealth over time and seek to do so in a manner that best utilises all the tools and techniques at our disposal.

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Whether you’ve been successful in creating your wealth or have the good fortune of inheriting it from others, the need to protect what you have from loss, or at least to minimise the loss you might incur, is a key component of a sound financial strategy. The Peritus team are trained on how to protect your income and assets in the event of your death, disability or a change in your business operations. 

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At some point in the future the time will come to pass on our personal or business assets to others. Typically our family are the beneficiaries, whether they are prepared at the time or not. Successfully transferring assets in a timely manner that maintains asset value and manages the expectations of all parties involved is a challenging task. Fortunately our Peritus advisers have the experience and knowledge to navigate the wealth distribution landscape. 

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